Studying the Persian Language in the University of Esfahan

Studying in Esfahan

There are almost two choices for people who wish to study the Persian language in Iran. Dehkhoder at Tehran and University of Esfahan. Dehkhoder is a famous as the subordinate of the University of Tehran, and institute in Esfahan is also a lower branch of University. Both have some pros and cons, and then I chose the city of Esfahan.

The City of Esfahan, its advantages

First of all, as the famous word Esfahan is the half of the world represents, Esfahan is one of the beautiful city in Iran. The river flows in the middle of city and it contains several World Heritage Sites. Comparing to Tehran, which is the capital and busiest city, Esfahan is a quiet and cozy environment. There is less annoying traffic or air pollution.(Esfahan sill have some though.) And you have to remember that people of Esfahan are more conservative than those of Tehran.

People of Esfahan is known as stinginess and has a Persian dialect. You may be a little confused if you try to speak in the city, but the course is offered in the Modern Standard Persian.

Course Detail

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How to avoid censorship in Iran -app for Android-

Reasons why you have to use VPN apps

Censorship in Iran is a huge topic. Like well know censorship in China, there is also strict censorship in Iran which prohibits exploring Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and other SNS.

Furthermore, because Amazon prohibit any purchase from inside Iran, you cannot access to Kindle online. This makes another trouble also.

In order to get out of this censorship, you have to use some VPN apps to connect online.
I will show How I got out of censorship for android mobile phones.

Recommended VPN Apps

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